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Bare, the music is sometimes in its entirety.
The cover photo   doesn't hide it, and the intro piece suggests it.

Then, the other pieces are organized around arpeggios or percussive phrases from the piano, in musical moments that are both different and siblings, where the human voice slips in twice.

If it's climate music, it's really about spring, the birth moment of life and of the record.
Colors and images emerge from the dry strokes of the drums and the captivating bow.

The restraint of the orchestration, as in the very beautiful "Nature", the recurrent stripping bias leads us to the natural shores of sound.

References are certainly not absent, from Satie to Gurdjieff, from the original Pink Floyd to Steve Reich, from the jazzy "Plume" to an imaginary European folklore of that time, but beyond that, everything comes together to offer the listener freedom. and fullness.

The pleasure of being together and of being in the world emanates from these recordings with discreet and elegant arrangements, leaving room for the essential, the Music.

A first disc ending on “Presence”, reminding us that the elements sometimes threaten to break loose.
Its "cut" stop makes us fall into the void of a powerful silence. Continue, or start over? the prompt is loud.

Philippe Martin 

Piano Zen


Winter Waltz


chelsea waltz

Extracts from the 9 compositions 

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